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The Business Card: Not Dead Yet, So Make It Count

Lately, it seems like everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon to declare something dead. The resume (depends on the situation), e-mail (huh?) and the business card are just a few examples.

Let’s just look at the business card for a moment.

As a freelancer/business owner, I attend a lot of networking events. At every single event, when I talk to someone about their business, how they might be able to use my services, etc., they ask for my business card. And I ask for theirs.

Not once has someone asked for my virtual card, asked to bump smart phones (wow, that looks kinda dirty in print) or suggested any other digital procedure to extract my contact information.

And no, these are not events filled with pre-millenials who are scared of technology: they are usually a large mix of people, often ranging in age from their early twenties to their mid-sixties.

Not only do they ask for my card, they take notice of it. I use* to print business mini cards which tend to stand out, and that is exactly what you want when you attend a large networking event where most people are collecting dozens of cards. How will you make yours stand out?

I’ve seen many methods used, and the best ones utilize the business owner’s profession. For example:

  • a graphic designer who has a beautiful thin, stainless steel card, with lace cut outs on both sides (I use mine as a bookmark and think of her every time I open my book of the moment).
  • a photographer who has a different, gorgeous, image on the back of every business card
  • the guy who has a business tagline that includes the word “ninja” and designs his business card to look like a throwing star.

My own card is my business logo on a mini card with my offer of a free consultation on the back (a business card has two sides – use ‘em! If you’ve got a free offer, or a discount code, whatever, print it on the back!) which I carry in a felt holder on my key ring. Pretty simple, yet at the last networking event I attended, it elicited comments like “Oh my God, that’s so cute!” “Yeah, I’m going to remember you,” and my favorite, “Wow, this card is a real game-changer.”

Even if I didn’t have an unusual name, these folks will remember me. And all because of a piece of card stock that is supposedly dead.

The business card will eventually die…some day. But in the words of the immortal Monty Python, it’s “not dead yet.”

* Yup, this is an affiliate link.  Since I already love telling people about, why not get some points to use on their site?

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