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E-newsletter Management, Networking, Helping People Help You and Marketing Mats. – the Weekly Round-up, August 10, 2012

The Art of Making Things Easier: I just took a live Skillshare class with Scott Britton this past week, where I learned a lot of productivity hacks. His blog is also extremely useful. In this post, Scott illustrates how to get what you need from people by making questions as easy as possible to answer. In other words, it’s the best practice for helping others help you.

Penelope Trunk – Networking Development Talk at Cornell’s Johnson School of Business:
This is from the oldie-but-goodie file – you’ll notice that MySpace is mentioned, and that Penelope(AKA the original Brazen Careerist) has to do some convincing to get people to sign up on Linked In. But it’s a brilliant spoken treatise on networking and the importance of it (Penelope attributes her own illustrious career entirely to networking). The best thing is how her authenticity comes through, since she speaks about authenticity and its importance in networking. – Jeff Bullas is not only a content manufacturing machine, he writes really useful, really interesting content, mostly having to do with marketing. I stumbled across his blog a couple of weeks ago, and was just astounded at his output. And even with all that blogging, he’s found time to write and publish a new book,Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media

Who Deserves Your Time? A Lesson In Managing Your Newsletter Strategy
And this great post from Natalie Sisson, AKA the Suitcase Entrepreneur, where she polls entrepreneurs about the e-newsletters they receive. The post combines advice on how to manage the plethora o’ e-newsletters that most of us subscribe to, and what type of content you should be publishing in your own (hint: longer is not better:-).

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